Cultural and Religious Identity Survey

Cultural and Religious Identity among 18-45 Year-olds in Canada Survey

This survey was a part of a four-phase research project aimed to develop and apply a web-based survey instrument on religious identity. Previous phases developed and pretested the core questionnaire (I); validated the questionnaire through its actual use in a concrete research setting with a select panel of participants who represented a broad cross-section of possible religious identities (II); use the questionnaire in a study that gathered responses from about 800 18-45 year-olds in Canada and began follow-up interviews with a selection of them (III); and, in the current phase, to expand this study to reach over 1,000 responses with 50 follow-up interviews, as well as begin to conduct interviews with a panel of longitudinal participants who also took the questionnaire (IV).

The overall goal has been to ascertain how Canadians in this age range construct and understand their religious identities and religious diversity in the Canadian context. A second goal, which remains to be achieved in a last phase of the project, is to further refine and improve the survey instrument itself on the basis of the results of the first phases, especially to improve the effectiveness of the survey in being able to detect and understand non-standard religious and also non-religious identities.

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Click the following link to read the final report for the project: Cultural and Religious Identity Report